The Story of a Sex Worker

December 02, 2004


Andrew and I went out that night. Dinner and a movie, a real straight-laced evening. No strange S&M games like John Johnson and his wife Cynthia. No conversations only about fucking. No belligerence like from Al Harvey. That night after the movie, walking through the cement parking lot which echoed screeching cars and children's voices, he said, "I'm glad I met you. You're a hard shell to crack. I was glad I was able to," which summed up everything.

I set the alarm for 10:00 the next morning to make it to my imaginary job at eleven. The radio threw me awake. It woke him up too.

I walked naked to the window in his bedroom.

"Damn, Shirl," Andrew said from the bed. "Seeing you there in that light, it's divine. I'd say it's worth the price of admission for being alive."

"Thank you," I said, which felt like a wrong answer.

"Can't you stay in today?" he asked.

"I have to go to work."

"Can't you call in sick?"

"It's not that kind of work."

"It's just a temp job," he said.

"I need the money."

"You do? You seem to have plenty of money."

He sat up in bed and looked at me skeptically.

I was suddenly nervous. "Maybe it seems like I have plenty of money because I always go to my job," I said.

"Wouldn't it be so nice to sleep in and wake up together like we do on weekends?"

"I can't do it. I can't call in sick."

I really couldn't call in sick because the industry so frowned on sickness. People sometimes overreacted about the common cold.

"Today is an important day," I said. "The boss of the whole company is coming into the office and I have to be there."

"All right," Andrew said and lay back, disappointed.

I felt terrible lying to him, especially such a stupid, unimaginative lie. Telling him the truth might screw everything up but lying wasn't feeling very good either.

I dressed quickly and left for my temp job at Bernard's house. That day I was back to being a supporting actress in another Jenny Highsmith movie, where I would lie again when I faked an orgasm.


  • At 5:07 PM, Blogger Laust said…

    Ohhh, poor Shirley. I'm sure that Andrew will manage anyway, but heartbreaking to have to lie to a loved one.

    Take care.

    PS. I think John Ashcroft deserves a suporting role as e.g. Al's long lost brother. That would be... ...intesting.

  • At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Still checking back to read your blog.

    I am interested. I kinda, sorta think there will be an "end" to this blog.

    Keep up the blogging.


  • At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    today must have sucked for you..


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